S3E11 - Manifesto Part 1

This is the first of a two part series where some of our listeners and friends reflected on the Disaster Studies Manifesto and responded to some questions that we released for open comment. In Part 1, JC Gaillard joins us to listen to the submissions we received and briefly discuss. 

We are considering the following questions:

1. Is our current terminology/concepts appropriate for working in a non-Anglophone context?

2. Do our research methodologies serve the needs of those who research and those who are ‘researched’?


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Further information:

Power, Prestige & Forgotten Values: A Disaster Studies Manifesto


Our guests: 

JC Gaillard (@jcgaillard_uoa)


With recorded contributions from:
Marjorie Balay-as
Fernando Briones
Ilan Kelman
Hanna Ruszczyk
Gonzalo Lizarralde
Terry Gibson
Camilo Fernandes
Femke Mulder
Fatima Molina
Rohit Jigyasu
Katie Owen, Mukta Tamang, Jeevan Baniya and Sara Shneiderman


Music this week from "Goodbye" by Liquify


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