S1E14 - Empire

Disaster risk is created in many complex ways. Today we are so pleased to welcome Gonzalo Lizarralde to talk about how colonization not only historically created risk in so many ways, but how neoliberalism has in fact continued the work of building empire.

It is a conversation you won't want to miss! 

Gonzalo is the Université de Montréal Fayolle-Magil Construction Research Chair in Architecture, the Built Environment and Sustainability. He is also the director of the IF Research Group (grif) and the Canadian Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction Research Alliance (Oeuvre durable).

His work focuses on understanding project processes, risks, low-cost housing, and informality in urban settings. He is interested in the causes and consequences of rapid urban transformation triggered by disasters, climate change, socio-political conflicts, and economic instability.


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Further information:

The Invisible Houses - Gonzalo's recent book and an ongoing education initiative about low-cost housing in developing countries.


Our guests:

Gonzalo Lizarralde (@invisibl_houses)


Music this week from "Welcome to My City" by Anton Vlasov.

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