S2E12 - Gender

Today we are talking to Sarah Brown, Alison Sneddon and Mirianna Budimir from Practical Action about their work on gender and disasters. Why is it problematic when women and girls are treated as generically vulnerable? How can a binary narrative of gender be dangerous and create further marginalization? These and other questions are explored through the lens of intersectionality and story-telling.


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Further information:

Practical Action – Resources on gender: https://policy.practicalaction.org/policy-themes/gender

Gender Transformative Early Warning Systems: https://infohub.practicalaction.org/handle/11283/621134

Missing Voices: Experiences of floods and early warning from marginalized women in Nepal and Peru: https://reliefweb.int/sites/reliefweb.int/files/resources/Missing%20Voices.pdf

Genders, bodies, politics: https://genderate.wordpress.com/feminism-101/ (Open in Chrome)


Our guests:

Sarah Brown (Profile on Linkedin)

Alison Sneddon (@sneddon_alison)

Mirianna Budimir (@MBudimir)


Music this week from "Stronger" by Oliver Michael. 


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