S2E16 - Homeless

This week we are so pleased to sit down with Jamie Vickery to discuss how disasters affect people experiencing homelessness, and some of the deeper issues at play that are too often overlooked. We cover emergency response, policy, trust and narratives, and consider how we might challenge a culture that normalizes homelessness as a cautionary tale. 


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Further information:


National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty

Global Statement of Solidarity and Action to #ProtectTheUnhoused From COVID-19

National Alliance to End Homelessnes, "Coronavirus and Homelessness"

National Healthcare for the Homeless Council, "Coronavirus and Housing/Homelessness"

U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Exchange, "Disaster Recovery Homelessness Toolkit"

Institute of Global Homelessness, "COVID-19 Homelessness Resources"

Unsheltered in Place - Episode 398 of 99 Percent Invisible Podcast


Our guests:


Jamie Vickery (@JamieVickery)


Music this week from "Higher Place" by Sheperd. 


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