S3E12 - Manifesto Part 2

This week we are back again with JC Gaillard to talk about the Disaster Studies Manifesto. Following on from Part 1, we consider responses to more question from our listeners, and then have an overall discussion:

3. What are your relationships with research partners from within/outside your study areas?


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Further information:

Power, Prestige & Forgotten Values: A Disaster Studies Manifesto


Our guests: 

JC Gaillard (@jcgaillard_uoa)


With recorded contributions from:
Marjorie Balay-as
Fernando Briones
Ilan Kelman
Hanna Ruszczyk
Gonzalo Lizarralde
Terry Gibson
Camilo Fernandes
Femke Mulder
Fatima Molina
Rohit Jigyasu
Katie Owen, Mukta Tamang, Jeevan Baniya and Sara Shneiderman


Music this week from "Out in the Cold" by Josh Leake


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