Today we are pleased to share a conversation with Sneha Krishnan, Susie Goodall, and Anuszka Mosurska, which invited us to reflect on our own positionality and its impact on what we do and how we do it in the context of research! 

In each of their papers for the (double) Special Issue of Disaster Prevention & Management Journal, “Emerging voices and pathways to inclusive disaster studies”,  their voices, experiences and influence (+ those of co-authors) were prominent and were part of the dialogue.

Listen in to hear why Sneha, Susie and Anuszka believe that positionality is important! 


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Further information:

Cross-country use of participatory research methods in practice to enhance inclusive decision-making - Sneha Krishnan, Robert Soden, Bhen Aguihon, Rongkun Liu, Pradip Khatiwada

Disaster conversations: intersecting perspectives on cross-cultural disaster research - Susie Goodall, Zainab Khalid, Monia Del Pinto

The reflective research diary: a tool for more ethical and engaged disaster research - Anuszka Mosurska


Our guests:

Sneha Krishnan (@snek87)

Susie Goodall (@susiegoodall1)

Anuszka Mosurska (@AnuszkaMosurska)


Music this week from "Above All Else" by Campagna. 

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